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What happened to Ricochet?

Former Intercontinental Champion Ricochet has not wrestled on WWE television since the end of June.

Earlier this year, it could actually be argued that Ricochet was the number two babyface on the blue brand; the SmackDown roster was beset with all kinds of depth problems due to a mixture of bad booking, injuries, and WWE roster cuts. Ricochet’s push immediately ended when he lost the title to Gunther in June. Ranking as the number two babyface on the brand meant absolutely nothing. He vanished from TV and has been teaming up with Drew Gulak in dark matches since.

With Vince McMahon gone and Triple H now running WWE creative, many changes are on the way. Just this week on Raw we saw the importance of the United States championship being emphasized throughout the broadcast, and Ciampa was suddenly winning matches on TV. This has me very curious to see what Triple H has planned for tomorrow night’s (Aug. 5) episode of SmackDown.

I’m particularly interested to see how Triple H books Ricochet. He might be a weak promo, but surely there must be a better way to incorporate a wrestler with Ricochet’s unbelievable physical skills into WWE’s programming, right? Raw is three hours long and has a bigger need to fill out the time with good matches. If nothing else, Ricochet can be very useful in that role.

Where do you think Ricochet fits in the new era of WWE? Let us know in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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