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Becky Lynch says everyone is ‘very excited and optimistic’ about WWE’s new leadership

Vince McMahon is gone from WWE, and the company is now being run by co-CEOs Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan. In addition, Triple H is new head of WWE creative. The data set is small, but so far there are plenty of reasons to be thrilled about WWE’s new direction with Vince out of the picture. Locker room morale in WWE is rumored to be in great shape as a result of the change.

While speaking to ESPN, Becky Lynch spoke well of Vince before expressing excitement for changing the things that weren’t great under his vision:

“It is the dawning of a new era. For me, it’s crazy and sad because everything I’ve ever known about WWE has always had Vince in charge, and we wouldn’t have WWE the way it is if it wasn’t for Vince. He’s somebody who believed in me and allowed me to do everything that I’ve done.”

“We have the opportunity to change some things that maybe weren’t so great that we didn’t love. I think everybody’s very excited and optimistic because we know that the people in charge [are] some of the greatest minds in the business, you know. Having Triple H at the helm of the ship is phenomenal. What he’s done with NXT speaks for itself. What he did with the women’s division and how he allowed us to change the business forever speaks for itself.”

One of Triple H’s most important decisions in his short time as head of creative was to turn Lynch babyface at SummerSlam; it looks like The Man will be back in WWE once Lynch recovers from a separated shoulder. It’s hard not to be excited about that change, considering babyface Lynch was the biggest star in the company from late 2018 into early 2020, before she turned heel.

Do you share Lynch’s excitement and optimism for WWE’s future, Cagesiders?

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