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JD McDonagh is creepy

JD McDonagh went from instantly challenging Bron Breakker for the NXT championship to hanging upside down to “recover.” Wes Lee called him “creepy” for his various eccentricities, to put it nicely, and McDonagh had a predictably unnerving response to it on NXT 2.0 this week:

“See, to a plebeian like Wes I can understand that my meticulous self care routine might be unorthodox. But every single second is accounted for. Mind, body, heart — all designed to be without weakness. Intrusive thoughts? Muted. Agony can be dealt with. Internal anguish is something that you never need to concern yourself with. Can you imagine what it’s like to have a resting heart rate of 40? Or to be able to focus your mind beyond such petty things as feelings? I’d rather be like me and be a little creepy than be like Wes Lee and be emotionally fragile. Wouldn’t you?”

Yeah, that dude’s creepy!

Anyway, here are all the videos from NXT 2.0 this week:

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