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Raw’s back on top

Of the cable ratings chart, as Aug. 29’s numbers were the shows best since the SummerSlam fallout episode (and there was no football).

Raw’s streak of finishing with the highest rating on cable among 19-49 year olds came to an end last Monday. But they were back on top on Aug. 29!

Granted, the clock is already ticking on this one. Regular season Monday Night Football games return on Sept. 12, and no matter how excited fans get about Triple H’s WWE, they won’t be excited enough to beat the NFL.

We’ll cross that pigskin bridge when we get to it. For now, USA & WWE have to be very happy to be #1 on cable again. And with Raw’s best numbers since the SummerSlam fallout episode that started the month. Viewership averaged 2.11 million across the show’s three hours, with a .59 rating in the key demo. Those are 5% and 7% better than last Monday, respectively.

The only show on television with a better rating was again ABC’s The Bachelorette, which scored a .78 with 18-49 year olds. Raw took the top three spots on the cable charts, with ESPN’s coverage of US Open Tennis finishing fourth with a .36 rating.

Holds continue to look good, but not quite as good as last week. Here’s the hourly breakdown for total viewers and 18-49:

Hour One: 2.16 million / .59
Hour Two: 2.22 million / .64
Hour Three: 1.94 million / .54

Clash at the Castle fallout — and no football — next week, but it will be a national holiday. We’ll see if Raw can make this a streak.

For complete results and this week’s Raw live blog click here. To read a recap & review of the night’s events click here. For video highlights of the show click here.

Numbers via Showbuzz Daily

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