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First Matt Riddle, now Austin Theory: Triple H reportedly reverses Vince McMahon’s name edict

Austin Theory’s Instagram

It was a subtle change, and one that may have gone over the heads of people who refused to ever start referring to WWE stars by awkward, one-name handles. But last night (Aug. 29) on Raw, Riddle was clearly and definitively referred to as Matt Riddle for the first time since October of 2020.

He won’t be the lone beneficiary. Since Triple H took over creative & talent relations, we’ve heard rumors that other stars who had their monikers shortened under a Vince McMahon rule would return to more normal sounding names (Vince was rumored to not want to talent to use any part of their real names, or ones they used outside WWE, while working for him... among whatever other weird peccadillos the old boss had at any particular moment).

PWInsider is confirming their own speculation that Theory will be next:

Theory is no longer Theory. He will officially return to using his full ring name of Austin Theory going forward, has confirmed.

Matt Riddle will indeed 100% be going by his full name going forward as well, as seen on last night’s edition of Raw.

The shortened names were an edict under the Vince McMahon regime that has now been reversed.

Riddle has “Matt” back on the roster page. Theory and others rumored to be getting their old names back like Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo still show up with just their current, single word kayfave ones. But if this report is right, it should just be a matter of time.

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