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Matt Riddle & Seth Rollins channeled Jon Jones & Daniel Cormier on Raw

I’m not sure if you’re an MMA fan, dear reader, but if you are you probably instantly thought of Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier while watching Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins on Monday Night Raw this week.

Back in 2014, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones was scheduled to fight Daniel Cormier for the first time. The two had a few notable back-and-forth exchanges, with Cormier keying in on the perception that Jones was fake for the cameras. It was one exchange that happened off the air, but was still recorded and later released, that is remembered best.

That exchange:

Jones pokes at him with vulgarities, and Cormier instantly gets upset about it, pointing out how much of a fake he believes Jones to be. He gets so pressed, he says “I wish they would let me next door so I could spit in your fucking face.”

Jones takes a moment, looks off to the side, and then stone faced tells Cormier “you know I would absolutely kill you if you ever did something like that, right? … No, I would literally kill you if you spit in my face. … I’m not saying I would fight you, I’m saying I would kill you if you did some stupid shit like that.”

He looked dead serious about it too. It worked as a brilliant bit of fight promotion, as the two did some 800,000 buys on pay-per-view once they finally threw down.

Now here’s what WWE did with Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins on Monday Night Raw:

It’s not as good as Jones and Cormier, of course, because these are performers acting it out, but the spirit is the same.

Pretty damn good.

Anyway, here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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