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Hacksaw Jim Duggan gets another W in his battle with cancer

It’s been one health issue after another for WWE Hall of Famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan over the past couple years. Among other things, the 68 year old’s prostate cancer diagnosis led to emergency surgery last fall, yet still returned this spring.

Hacksaw kept his feisty, positive attitude in the face of another round of treatment. It served him well, as he shared yesterday (Aug. 2) that he’d completed eight weeks of radiation. Before the customary bell ringing that patients do at the end of a course of treatment, Duggan shouted out the doctors, nurses, and technicians who took care of him throughout this phase of the process, and thanked his family, friends, and fans for supporting him.

Then, even though he said he’d wait until he got outside, he gave out a “HOOOOO!”

He’ll be back in six months to check and see if that damn cancer will stay down this time, but this is worth celebrating. Take that, tough guy.

What’s next for Hacksaw? The South Carolinian celebrated with some fireworks and a bonfire, then it’s back to making towns. He’ll be in Michigan this weekend for Really Cool Comic-Con.

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