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Drew McIntyre makes a very good point about Karrion Kross’ gimmick

The hype train for Drew McIntyre’s Clash at the Castle showdown with Undisputed WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns is building up steam ahead of Saturday’s show in Cardiff. But even as McIntyre is focused on knocking Reigns out of his seat at the Head of the Table, he’s also had to deal with the threat of Karrion Kross.

Kross, and his partner Scarlett, returned to WWE on the Aug. 5 SmackDown, attacking the big Scotsman from behind. Since then, they’ve been playing the same mind games that worked so well for them in NXT — counting down the time until their target’s destruction by having Scarlett leave hourglasses as Karrion ominously deploys his “Tick Tock” catchphrase.

Those psychological tactics don’t seem to working on the King of Claymore Country. Mostly, it’s because he’s too focused on Roman. But McIntyre told Quetzalli Bulnes of WWE Espanol’s El Brunch de WWE (h/t Wrestling Inc) it’s also because he just doesn’t get the hourglass thing...

“First of all, I’d like to get Clash at the Castle out of the way, since it’s the biggest match of my entire career. “Um, he’s [Kross] not letting up. He’s leaving little symbols around, to remind me he’s lurking in the shadows, outside of the attack from behind, and the hourglass that he left in my locker room in Canada last week.

“I understand he’s coming to take what he believes is his, but he’s gotta understand, I’m freaking busy. I gotta go fight for the title. So he can take a step back. Once I finish with Roman, then I’ll kick his face off and I’ll break his little sandglass.

“I don’t get it. It’s an hourglass, it doesn’t go tick-tock.”

Man’s got a point. Maybe Scarlett should start leaving old fashioned alarm clocks for people?

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