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IYO SKY on why her name change was a good thing

IYO SKY was interviewed by Tokyo Sports and through the power of Google Chrome’s translation tool, we can read her take on her name changing from Io Shirai to IYO SKY when she was called up to the main roster at SummerSlam last month.

Hard to argue this:

“I think that the image of the former ‘Shirai’ is conveyed in kanji to Japanese people, but that’s not the case in the United States. I think it’s a good name because the image is conveyed by adding ‘Sky’ there. ‘Io’ was the first capital letter and the second lowercase ‘Io’ in the alphabet. That’s why some people misread it because it looked like a lowercase letter L and O (lo), or it looked like a number. I think it became easier to understand with ‘IYO’ in all capital letters.”

As someone who writes for a site that needs views to continue operations, this explanation makes a ton of sense to me. Of course there’s nothing wrong with the name Io Shirai but the simpler you can make something the better.

Easy to say, easy to spell, easy to Google and find results for.

And it’s still a cool name. Everybody wins.

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