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WWE SmackDown results, live blog (Aug. 26, 2022): Second chance

WWE Friday Night SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Aug. 26, 2022) with a live show emanating from Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Clash at the Castle pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for early next month in Cardiff, Wales.

Advertised for tonight: a “second chance” Fatal 4-Way match in the Women’s tag team championship tournament. The four teams competing to advance in the tourney include Xia Li & Shotzi, Nikki A.S.H. & Doudrop, Dana Brooke & Tamina, and Natalya & Sonya Deville.

WWE is also promoting a match between Ricochet and Happy Corbin for tonight’s episode.

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the SmackDown live blog kicks off once the show starts on FOX. It will be below this line here. (Note: Links to illegal streams are prohibited. Pics and GIFs are allowed.)


Thirteen times I went to the well to draw my thoughts, I’ll gather and tell, like bricks that I’ve laid to build my life, those that crumbled only caused me strife. Thoughts became words, cast into the sea, but they returned, always haunting me, but now? I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with the intro video.

We get an inset promo from Happy Corbin where he says Ricochet isn’t a star because he has no staying power and he’s gonna win tonight.

Happy Corbin vs. Ricochet

Ricochet immediately sends Corbin to the floor, off the ropes, handspring fakeout! Happy back inside, Ricky gets a nearfall off the standing shooting star press, back body drop to the apron, springboard cut off with a right hand from Corbin! Back and forth, to the floor, Ricochet counters a gallon throw into a tornillo off the second and stands tall on the announce desk as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Ricochet to the apron, boot caught, fireman’s carry front slam into the announce table! Back inside, hard whip into the turnbuckles, back suplex facebuster into the corner... NOPE! Handspring countered with a forearm to the back of the neck and Ricky ends up on the floor!

Back inside, off the ropes, Ricochet with a satellite DDT for some breathing room! Chest kicks, kickflip dropkick, Happy in the corner, shoulder thrust connects, springboard, nobody home, land on his feet, chokeslam reversed into a Frankensteiner! Rising knee, sidestep a boot, off the ropes, Deep Six... STILL NO!

Up top, nobody home on the 450, back suplex into a ripcord facebuster! Ricochet on the comeback, off the top...

Ricochet wins by pinfall with the shooting star press.

Street Profits run into Hit Row backstage.

Hit Row tell them they’ve got the smoke and Angelo Dawkins notices something similar about all of them, which is that they’re all about that money.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a video package for Drew McIntyre and his heritage and his journey to a title match in his own homeland.

Killer Kross cuts a promo about how Drew’s dreams mean nothing and his time is coming.

Shotzi Blackheart and Xia Li make their entrance to send us to break.

Dana Brooke & Tamina vs. Doudrop & Nikki ASH vs. Natalya & Sonya Deville vs. Shotzi Blackheart & Xia Li (WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament Last Chance Qualifying Match)

Tamina and Deville to start, superkick takes Nattie off the apron, Samoan drop, Doudrop breaks it up! Quick tags to work Deville over, Li runs in, ASH beats her up, hard whip into the ropes, Xia with a hammerlock Hot Shot! Blackheart in, Poetry in Motion senton, Snuka breaks it up!

Brooke in, handspring elbow clears the apron, boot up, whip reversed, front kick, rolling neckbreaker, cover for two! Knee for a superkick, Doudrop with a crossbody, into the corner, roundhouse kick sets up an assisted shiranui! Natalya with a discus lariat to Li, she throws Shotzi out but Dana lands a lariat!

Dana up top, ASH cuts her off, jockeying for position, Sonya tags in... BROOKE SUPERPLEXES NIKKI OFF THE TOP AND INTO THE CRUSH! Deville rolls her inside...

Natalya & Sonya Deville win by pinfall with a lateral press from Deville on Nikki ASH.

Brawling Brutes make their entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial we get a hype reel for the Queen of Spades, Shayna Baszler.

Sheamus gets on the mic and cuts a promo about how he’s going to win the Intercontinental Championship at Clash at the Castle.

Imperium make their entrance.

Ludwig Kaiser recites his spiel but the Celtic Warrior cuts him off to say that nobody knows what he’s saying, so just zip the ol’ shut up for a second now. His beef is with GUNTHER, who calls himself the Ring General but Sheamus claims that he is in fact the real ring general.

He’s faced the best of the best and beat every one of them, from Drew McIntyre to Randy Orton to John Cena to Roman Reigns and even the King of Kings himself, Triple H. And nobody in this business has had banger after banger after banger after banger like he has.

The truth is he sees a lot of himself in GUNTHER, and it’s been years since he’s seen someone with the same brutal physical qualities, and just like him he likes to go to war in this ring, but he’s got something he wants, and that’s the Intercontinental Championship.

And at Clash at the Castle, Sheamus will drag that title off his lifeless body and into the belly of the red dragon. GUNTHER says he’ll teach Sheamus what violence really means, and in Cardiff he won’t just retain the title, but he’ll chop his chest into bloody bits, break his body, his spirit, break the man that everybody thinks cannot be broken.

GUNTHER and Sheamus stare each other down, stock still in the chaos, while their seconds all brawl!

Natalya and Sonya Deville are interviewed backstage while Doudrop and Nikki ASH vigorously bicker in the background.

They demand respect for themselves and their victory and claim they’re really starting to find their groove and Aliyah and Raquel should be very concerned tonight.

Bayley makes her entrance flanked by her pals Dakota Kai and IYO SKY, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Sami Zayn knocks on Roman Reigns’ door.

The Usos greet him and give him a hard time for losing last week, and Sami says he thought Roman would want to see him after last week. Reigns peeks his head out and tells Zayn to come on in.

He tells Sami to go ahead and take a seat and Zayn asks how everything’s going. Roman says it’s okay and Sami says his jaw is still a little sore from last week. Reigns reminds him that he lost and Zayn half-heartedly tries to beg off. Roman says sometimes bad things happen so we can redeem ourselves, and he thanks Sami for helping him out last week.

That’s something that family would do. Sami says he’s happy to do it and he wants Roman to know he can count on him for anything. Reigns says that’s good because he needs another favor, he needs Drew occupied and with his eye off the ball. Zayn says his match against Drew tonight is a perfect opportunity and he’ll get in his head.

By the time he gets to Cardiff Roman will be able to knock him over with ease. Sami tries to get them to help but Reigns says as Tribal Chief he’s a distraction out there, and Zayn turns right around and thanks him for the opportunity to prove himself.

He shakes hands with Roman and Jimmy, but Jey gives him the cold shoulder and shows him the door.

Aliyah & Raquel Rodriguez vs. Natalya & Sonya Deville (WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament Semifinals)

Natalya and Aliyah to start, little bit of mat grappling, headlocks and headscissors, up and over, drop down, roll over, Matrix evasion, quick pins but no deal! Revolution slam blocked, Rodriguez tags in, shoulder block for two. Aliyah with a Meteora to Deville, Neidhart runs over and hits a Michinoku Driver on her to send us to break!

Back from commercial, heels working Raquel over, she gets a fallaway slam, goes up top but Deville trips her up for a nearfall! Sonya choking her in the ropes, Rodriguez on the comeback, tornillo, going for the powerbomb but Nattie trips her up! Sharpshooter blocked, Neidhart kicked to the floor, running knee from Deville... NOT ENOUGH!

One-arm lift...

Aliyah & Raquel Rodriguez win by pinfall with a one-armed powerbomb from Raquel Rodriguez on Sonya Deville.

The two teams of finalists square off in the ring.

We go backstage to a Maximum Male Models photoshoot.

Hit Row interrupt with a singing tour bus and Max Dupri gets upset. Maxxine has an idea and walks off and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Maxxine Dupri returns with Los Lotharios in tow.

They have spray paint and claim it’s a solution to the Hit Row bus problem.

New Day are in the ring, Xavier Woods in a wheelchair, mics in hand.

Woods gets on the mic and says this is hard, and they really underestimated the Viking Raiders. Kofi Kingston admits they’ve been getting their asses kicked over and over the last few weeks, and Ivar cracked his ribs on a splash. Xavier says they have to face a harsh reality, they saw the viking funeral and saw them burning boxes of Booty-Os and New Day shirts.

They talk like they’re contemplating accepting the end of the New Day when the raiding horns go up.

Enter the Viking Raiders.

They say this is pathetic and they gave New Day a proper sendoff via a warrior’s rite, and instead of leaving with honor they’re out here sniveling. Woods asks if they can’t just have a few minutes to say what they need to say, and Erik says a viking despises weakness more than anything in the world.

It makes them sick to see Xavier in the ring groveling like a wounded animal, and sometimes the best thing for a wounded animal is to put them down.

They get in the ring and corner Woods before turning to Kingston, and Xavier throws the blanket off to reveal a walking boot and kendo sticks, and they go to town on the Vikings! Woods unstraps the boot and throws the wheelchair at the Raiders!

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial we get an ad for Undertaker’s one-man show.

We cut to Maximum Male Models tagging Hit Row’s bus, when Hit Row roll up.

They challenge them to a match and then point out that’s not even their bus and call them stupid.

Street Profits get out of the bus and survey they wreckage while the models scatter.

The Usos roll up to chat with Sami Zayn.

Jimmy tells Sami that Roman doesn’t talk like that to everybody, and this is a big deal. Jey tells him when he wears that shirt he better level up and rise to the occasion and then yells at him to never disrespect him or his family and handle his business.

We get another video package for Drew McIntyre, documenting his return to WWE.

Drew makes his entrance and we go to break.

Back from commercial, commentary hypes up next week’s show.

Drew McIntyre vs. Sami Zayn

Circling, Zayn bailing to the floor and going back inside, cutting McIntyre off with stomps but Drew grabs his leg and stops him. McIntyre drops him with a single right hand, smashes him into the turnbuckles, whip across hard! Chops in the ropes, whip across, Sami ducks a lariat and bails back to the floor for a breather!

To the announce desk, Drew smashes Zayn’s face into it and then spinebusters him into the apron! Sami with a chop block and wild punches, off the ropes, McIntyre gets him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Sunset flip powerbomb gets Sami back into it and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Zayn gets a boot up, tornado DDT follows and gets a nearfall! Blue Thunder Driver countered with a headbutt and Sami goes belly-up! McIntyre firing up, breathing heavy, laying lariats in, whip across, overhead belly-to-belly suplex!

Another suplex, jumping neckbreaker, kip-up! Usos come down for the distraction, Zayn gets the Blue Thunder Driver... NOT ENOUGH! Sami with right hands, Drew drops him with a single chop, fends the Usos off but Zayn gets a schoolboy for two! Off the ropes, duck a lariat...

Drew McIntyre wins by pinfall with a Claymore.

Post-match, Roman Reigns runs in and blindsides Drew McIntyre, beating him down! Drew manages to post Reigns but the Usos have recovered and attack him! McIntyre is able to fend them off but Roman returns and hits the spear! The Usos return with chairs to beat Drew down!

They throw McIntyre out of the ring like a sack of garbage and over the announce table, beating him down while the Tribal Chief watches on with approval! They throw Drew into the barricade and hold him up, Sami’s back on his feet... HELLUVA KICK AGAINST THE BARRICADE!

Zayn holds Drew up for steel stair shots from the Usos! They throw McIntyre back into the ring to Roman, Jey piefaces Sami in passing because he can’t resist a shot, and Reigns trash talks Drew before locking the guillotine in and choking him out!

Roman sets a chair up over McIntyre’s head and neck and takes a seat, his cousins laying his title belts on his shoulders.

He says he runs this industry and he wants somebody to come and take it from him.

That’s the show, folks.

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