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Here’s the latest on WWE moving from PG to TV-14

USA Network’s WWE Raw has been rated PG by the TV Parental Guidelines ever since July 2008. Last month, an internal memo at the USA Network indicated that Raw was moving to TV-14 starting with the July 18 episode. That didn’t happen, of course. However, it sounded like the memo leaked prematurely and WWE could still be moving to TV-14 at some point later this year.

A new update from PW Insider now indicates that WWE has no plans to move away from a PG rating on any of their TV shows:

“ has learned from multiple sources that there are no current plans to change the company’s TV ratings for their weekly series.

WWE will be remaining TV-PG for the forseeable future on both FOX and the USA Network.”

If anyone reading this is hoping for more mature themes and blood-soaked matches in WWE going forward, you shouldn’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen. Sorry, Cody Rhodes.

Then again, now that Triple H is in charge of WWE creative and the TV product is improved, the debate over whether or not WWE needs a change like this feels like a minor issue. Vince McMahon was the biggest problem with Raw and SmackDown, after all, and now he’s gone. And we still have Rhea Ripley turning Dom into her sub, for those fans who want more edge in the product.

Are you happy or disappointed with this latest update, Cagesiders?

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