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WWE’s alleged tampering includes multiple AEW wrestlers

AEW’s YouTube

One of the topics discussed yesterday during Tony Khan’s backstage meeting in AEW involved WWE allegedly tampering with contracted AEW talent.

Up to this point, the story has generally been told as if one AEW wrestler was specifically contacted by WWE. F4WOnline’s Dave Meltzer has clarified that the issue goes beyond just one wrestler:

“There’s been people going like, ‘Who’s the person?’ and trying to make guesses who the person is that was tampered, and it’s actually...multiple people have been contacted from WWE. So that’s where this comes from. It’s not like it’s one person, pick a name. It’s a few people.”

Given the report that AEW’s legal team sent a message to WWE telling them to knock it off, it makes sense to see that more than one wrestler is involved in the tampering story.

With this new detail in mind, do you believe Chris Jericho now after he implied that he was a target of WWE’s alleged tampering?

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