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Apollo Crews finally explained where his accent went

When Apollo Crews returned to NXT, noticeably gone was the accent he’d adopted on the main roster when he was running with the “Nigerian Warrior” character. He was back to being the man he came into WWE as, and everyone just sort of let it ride.

That was until this week when Grayson Waller, who he’s now embroiled in a feud with, decided to ask about it:

Crews broke out in it after a laugh and then said “hey dog, don’t get it twisted, Apollo Crews is still a Nigerian warrior. And you’re out here asking me these questions like I should be ashamed of myself. I’m proud of my heritage.”

That’s as good a response as any!

Even better was his response later when Waller asked how it feels to have to tell his kids “daddy couldn’t cut it on Mondays and Fridays so now he’s back in NXT”?

“You know what I tell ‘em? I tell ‘em their dad was a champ on Monday, their dad was a champ on Friday, and their dad is soon going to be a champ on Tuesday.”

That’s money right there, folks.

Anyway, here are all the videos from NXT 2.0 this week:

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