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Becky Lynch & Seth Rollins ‘daughter is the most adorable lil headbanger

The Man shared a video of her daughter Roux rocking out to mark a year since her return to WWE, and it’s both the cutest AND most badass thing you’ll see today.

It was a weekend for pro wrestlers to reflect. Unlike some people, Becky Lynch didn’t make like a disgraced baseball announcer to avoid talking about the present. The Man didn’t linger on her recent injury woes when marking the one year anniversary of her return at SummerSlam 2021 either, though.

Instead, she turned the focus to the reason she was out for more than a year from Money in the Bank 2020 until last August — her daughter with fellow WWE Superstar Seth Rollins. In praising Roux as both an “angel” and a “trooper”, Bex not only gave the public its first good look at second-generation-wrestler-in-training... she also revealed that the baby’s got her dad’s taste in music*.

Hecks yeah, Roux! What better way to kill time on the road than by rocking the fudge out with A Day To Remember’s classic metal/pop punk mash-up “Mr. Highway’s Thinking About The End”?

She’s got a ways to go to reach dad’s headbanging level, though.

* It may also be Lynch’s taste in music, but I’ve only ever known her to mark out about Pearl Jam. As if this Gen X-er could love her any more...

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