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Jeff Jarrett reportedly departs WWE

Jeff Jarrett was surprisingly welcomed back into the WWE via a Hall of Fame induction back in 2018. The third generation promoter didn’t just mend fences with Vince McMahon over his contentious jump to WCW during the Attitude Era, he started working for WWE again a year later. Jarrett served as a producer and a member of the creative team until exiting the company in 2021. Then made another surprising return just months ago as WWE’s Senior Vice-President of Live Events.

This stint didn’t last very long. PWInsider reports Jarrett “departed” the position and the company recently. His exit was confirmed by the site, with some of their sources indicating that Double-J finished up last Friday (Aug. 19).

No details about how this went down, although I’m sure we’ll get Jeff’s version on an upcoming edition of his My World podcast. The obvious speculation is that Jarrett’s departure is somehow related to the major management shake-up that’s been going on at WWE since Vince’s resignation last month. As far as we knew, Jarrett has a good relationship with Triple H (the new head of talent & creative was said to have been influential in getting Jarrett into the Hall of Fame). But there’s undoubtedly a lot of maneuvering going on behind the scenes right now at WWE, so that may not have made a difference.

Or maybe Jarrett sees greener pastures elsewhere? He’s already in business with Conrad Thompson’s podcast network, was a big part of the Conrad-promoted Ric Flair’s Last Match show, and Thompson’s teased — and maybe taken some steps towards — staying in that part of the wrestling business...

Stay tuned.

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