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WWE Raw results, live blog (Aug. 22, 2022): Trish Stratus returns!

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Aug. 22, 2022) from the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Clash at the Castle pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for early next month in Cardiff, Wales.

Advertised for tonight: Trish Stratus makes her return to television for a special appearance in her hometown, Edge takes on Damian Priest in what’s being promoted as the former’s first match in Toronto in 12 years, the semifinals of the Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament with Alexa Bliss & Asuka taking on Dakota Kai & IYO SKY, and a whole lot more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog will kick off once the show starts on USA Network. It will be below this line here. Reminder: GIFs and pics allowed, but no links to illegal streams, please.


Heaven is for heroes, and hell is full of fools. Stupidity, no will to live, they’re breaking God’s own rules, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with the intro video.

A cameraman runs into Gorilla, where Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle are brawling! Road agents and referees spill out of the back to break them up! Brawling back out into the ringside area, into the crowd, up on a balcony, just trading right hands with abandon!

Fighting back down towards the ring, Riddle with a crossbody off the barricade and back to ringside!

Commentary hypes up tonight’s show.

Trish Stratus makes her entrance and gets on the mic.

She says it feels great to be here, to be home, and she’s not just talking about Toronto, but in this ring, between these ropes, and it’ll always feel like home here. She’s been doing a lot of thinking lately—

Enter Bayley, flanked by Dakota Kai and IYO SKY as usual, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Bayley gets on the mic.

She talks about being in the ring with Trish freakin’ Stratus and they all three of them fangirl over Trish before Bayley asks what she’s even doing here. Trish says there’s kind of a big deal matchup later, Edge vs. Damian Priest, and she’s here to give her fellow Torotonian a little support.

And further she had something to say— which leads Dakota to tell her that nobody cares what she has to say, and Bayley says Stratus has been on them all weekend and this is their ring and their show now and she’s the past, so who the hell does she think she is?

Enter Bianca Belair.

She says Bayley isn’t even in the same stratosphere, and Trish walked so they all can run, so she needs to be thanking her and stop being disrespectful. But she can defend herself, and Stratus says she can real quick go from “I am retired” to “I was retired” if she doesn’t stop running her mouth.

Bayley also takes her jacket off and calls her stupid for being outnumbered, but Stratus says she and Bianca make two...

Enter Alexa Bliss and Asuka.

...and future tag champs Alexa and Asuka make four. Bayley says she’s lucky that she’s feeling generous and she’ll let them slide on this one and she’ll see the three of them at Cardiff. Trish says that’s if she even makes it to Clash at the Castle, good luck.

Alexa Bliss & Asuka vs. Dakota Kai & IYO SKY (WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament Semifinals)

Asuka and SKY to start, circling, duck under, tag out to Kai! Dakota with a collar and elbow, headscissors, headlock takeover, Asuka goes hold for hold on the mat and meets her with a kick. Whip across, Kai bails to the floor and regroups while Asuka taunts her for being chicken.

Referee Eddie Orengo gets to eight before she breaks the count, Asuka with the hip attack, dropkick from Bliss to clear the apron and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Alexa back and forth with IYO, she busts out the Nodowa Otoshi, cover... NOPE! Asuka in, fast-paced kicks, black magic on a step-over and a tag to Kai! Kawada kicks from the Empress, axe kick, tag to Bliss, double whip into a hard right and a bulldog... STILL NO!

Alexa trying pins to no avail, drawing her up, right hand, jawbreaker, shotgun dropkick! Action to the floor, laying everybody out, cut to Tamina and Dana Brooke watching backstage. Back in, Kai slides her low, pump kick sends us back to break.

Back from commercial, heels dragging Bliss into the corner, SKY blocking the tag, pick the leg, Alexa with an enzuigiri and the tag! Asuka lighting IYO up with leg kicks, whip across, hip attack, shoulder block, fired up. Hip attack in the corner, German suplex blocked, uraken connects, another, a third, German suplex hits this time!

Sliding kick... NOT ENOUGH! Running knees in the ropes, SKY springboard dropkick, Alexa breaks it up with a dropkick of her own! Kai dumps her out of the ring, suplex lift blocked, backslide for two! Duck the roundhouse, heel handspring kick, pump kick misses, off the ropes, big boot... ASUKA KICKS OUT!

Uraken, sliding kick, tag to Alexa somewhere in there, double DDT, spiking them, tag back to Alexa! Arm wringer, tandem legsweep into the grounded octopus... IYO SKY BREAKS IT UP! Tag to Bliss, dragging Dakota over, up top... KNEES UP ON TWISTED BLISS! Into “everybody do something cool” territory, three uraken in a row, duck the fourth, Kai sends her wobbly with a forearm!

Charging round the corner, kick misses, blind tag to SKY as Asuka falls back with the Asuka Lock on! Kai taps, no finish, IYO slides in...

Dakota Kai & IYO SKY win by pinfall with a schoolboy from SKY on Asuka.

We get an update on the tournament bracket.

Dolph Ziggler is interviewed in Gorilla.

He says he’s been doing this for a long time, highs and lows and he can admit that Theory was the better man last week but he just wants to help him.

Judgment Day roll up and Finn Balor tells him he makes him sick, guys like him and Rey Mysterio who attach themselves to up-and-coming stars to keep themselves afloat, and there’s nothing that Dolph can teach him. Ziggler says there’s one thing that he can teach him, and he hauls off and slaps Balor!

Dolph asks if he’s gonna sit on his ass like a little bitch or come to the ring, and makes his entrance to send us to break.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Finn Balor

Collar and elbow, struggling around the ring, waistlock, back elbow, side headlock, shot off, shoulder block. Boot up from Balor, smashing Dolph’s face into the turnbuckles, headlock, shot off, duck a lariat, dropkick from Ziggler! Mounted punches in the corner, block a snapmare, double legs into mounted punches!

Finn with a grounded headlock, trading punches, whip reversed and Dolph goes *hard* into the turnbuckles to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Balor in control and grinding him down, Ziggler breaks free with a jawbreaker, floats over a straight suplex, uppercut in the corner! Finn charging in, back elbow, Axe Bomber, mounted punches in the corner, hangman’s neckbreaker sets up the Heartstopper... NOPE!

Finn with repeated stomps in the ropes, following it up with a Liger Bomb... STILL NO! Dolph plants him with the big DDT for another nearfall! Following it up, Fameasser... BALOR KICKS OUT! Finn off the top, Coup de Grace comes up empty, Ziggler hits the Zig Zag... NOT HAPPENING!

Trading punches, Rhea Ripley with a cheap shot from the floor, Balor with the Inverted 1916 to set it up...

Finn Balor wins by pinfall with Coup de Grace.

Aliyah is interviewed backstage.

She says she’s a bougie badass and Raquel Rodriguez is—

Bayley and pals roll up and run the interviewer off.

Bayley asks if she was watching their match earlier to get some tips for their match on Friday and asks where Raquel is. Aliyah says none of their business and IYO SKY says she’s either real stupid or real brave to show up alone on their show.

Trish Stratus rolls up and says she’s not alone and asks Bayley when she’s going to return to action. Aliyah challenges her to a match tonight and Bayley agrees, leaving.

They walk past Adam Pearce, who’s showing some security guards a picture of Dexter Lumis.

Alpha Academy make their entrance, they’ll be issuing an open challenge after the break.

Back from commercial, Chad Gable gets on the mic and shushes the crowd.

He says he has an important announcement: for the first time since its inception, Alpha Academy is accepting new students, and he’s starting his search right here in Canada. He’s starting to regret it, because the only thing he’s found in Toronto is washed-up ex-hockey players hooked on Tim Horton’s.

He’s found no talent in Canada, so he’s gonna take whatever he can get in this open challenge.

Answering the call is... KEVIN OWENS!

Chad Gable vs. Kevin Owens (Open Challenge)

Owens right in with kicks into the corner, rolling to the floor, trading forearms, back inside and KO lights him up before punctuating with the senton! Down and out in the corner, Gable runs away from the cannonball, Kev gives chase and eats an exploder suplex on the floor!

Kev cuts him down on the apron with a lariat, looking for a powerbomb, countered with a back body drop! German suplex on the apron from Chad and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Gable with rolling German suplexes, Owens throws one of his own and puts Chad hard into the turnbuckles! Trading strikes, whip reversed, pumphandle... STEENBREAKER! Off the top... FROG SPLASH CAN’T KEEP GABLE DOWN! Chad bringing it, German suplex nearfall, KO up top, jockeying for position... AVALANCHE FISHERMAN BUSTER!

Off the top, senton atomico, knees up, Gable wants the moonsault, nobody home, superkick sets him up...

Kevin Owens wins by pinfall with the pop-up powerbomb.

Post-match, Otis Dozovic blindsides Owens and lays him out, but Kev is able to put him into the ringpost! KO stalks after Gable, Dozer blindsides him again and takes him back inside where Owens hits the Stunner! Chad rushes in, KO powerbombs him into Otis!

Judgment Day cut a promo backstage.

Rhea Ripley says they’re gonna beat everybody up until they learn their lesson, and Dominik Mysterio is starting to like the beatings he’s eating from Ripley, and for the first time in a decade, the hero returns home to Toronto, and it’s gonna be Edge’s last match, because Priest is gonna send him back into retirement.

Aliyah makes her entrance to send us to break.

Back from commercial, commentary updates us on Gigi Dolin’s injury and the second chance match to replace Toxic Attraction in the tournament.

Aliyah vs. Bayley

Aliyah looking for pinfall victories early to no avail, Matrix evasion on a lariat, hip toss, dropkick, tijeras out of the corner, Bayley turns her around and rams her into the turnbuckles! Putting boots to her in the turnbuckles, kneeling rear chinlock, Aliyah reverses but gets caught up in the turnbuckles for punches!

Off the ropes, sliding lariat, Aliyah turns things around, crossbody in the corner caught, reversed into double knees! To the floor, Aliyah gets a bulldog, back inside, Lou Thesz Press into mounted punches! Bayley comes back, straight suplex...

Bayley wins by pinfall with the Rose Plant.

Tommaso Ciampa and the Miz make their entrance to send us to break.

AJ Styles & Bobby Lashley vs. the Miz & Tommaso Ciampa

Styles and Ciampa to start, off the ropes, big forearm from AJ and a tag to Lashley. Double suplex, Styles passes it off to Bob to finish by himself, which he does one-handed because he is Walking Armageddon. Tag to Miz, chest kicks, Skull-Crushing Finale blocked, Styles tags in, roll under, Styles Rush takes him out!

Corner lariat, Ushigoroshi, Tom runs in and gets blasted with a forearm and then Lashley throws him into Miz on the floor to send us to break!

Back from commercial, Miz and Ciampa double-teaming Styles, Tom legal and he gets a nearfall. Arm wringer on the mat, the A-Lister grinding him down with a reverse chinlock, AJ with a snapmare, reaching for the tag but Miz overpowers him back into the heel corner!

Ciampa legal, Styles throwing wicked elbows, he gets sent into the barricade on the floor, Lashley chases after the heels, back inside, Miz blocks AJ’s escape with a basement DDT... NOPE! Quick tags from the heels, Styles with a jawbreaker and a Pele kick and the path is clear... TAGS MADE!

Lashley in hot, laying Ciampa out with lariat after lariat, blasting Miz with a back elbow, shoulder thrusts, DDT / reverse STO combo on the both of them! Putting Tom into the post, back inside, Bob lines him up but Miz saves his pal! Back inside, Willow’s Bell... STILL NO!

Off the ropes, spear, Miz breaks it up! AJ runs him off, to the floor, a man tries to jump the barricade and attack Styles but security drags him off! Dexter Lumis appears out of the crowd and drags the Miz off as the referee calls the match!

The match goes to a no-contest due to outside interference.

Post-match, Ciampa tries to fight the babyfaces but gets laid out for his trouble!

We get a hype reel for Edge vs. Damian Priest and go to break.

Back from commercial... JOHNNY GARGANO IS HERE!

He gets on the mic and says it’s been nine months since he’s been in a wrestling ring and he needs to get his sea legs back. For those of you who don’t know, his name is Johnny Gargano and he was kind of big deal in NXT. A former NXT Champion, three-time North American champion, tag team champion, first-ever triple crown champion.

He honestly wasn’t sure if he wanted to do this anymore and mentions his child. He remembered when he was younger of having big impossible dreams, of becoming Intercontinental Champion, United States Champion, WWE Champion, wrestling at WrestleMania, and what kind of father would he be if he didn’t teach his son that the biggest most impossible dreams can come true?

So he’s betting on himself, and Johnny Wrestling is back in WWE.

Enter Austin Theory.

He gets in the ring to “Who’s your daddy?” chants and says a lot has happened in nine months. Gargano says he’s watched Theory and it’s good to see him and how he’s changed. Austin says everybody knows and recounts his career beats, pointing out that he’s done a significant chunk of what Johnny dreamed of and says he couldn’t have done any of it without him.

It’s almost like now Austin is the veteran and Johnny the rookie, and he can stand behind him and carry his bags if he wants! Or even better, just carry the Money in the Bank briefcase! For old time’s sake he wants the high five... AND JOHNNY GARGANO LAYS HIM OUT WITH A SUPERKICK!

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a recap of our opening segment and are promised a face-to-face between Rollins and Riddle next week, plus an appearance from Kurt Angle!

We get entrances for our main event and go to break.

Damian Priest vs. Edge

Collar and elbow, fighting into the corner, Priest using his superior leverage and backing off clean to prove a point. Back at it, again into the corner, Edge with a side headlock, shot off, big knee from Damian and he roars, stalking around the ring! Edge slaps him, off the ropes, block the leapfrog, big shove puts Priest on his ass!

Low bridge sends him to the floor, back inside, headbutts in the corner as Damian gets back into it. Whip, slide to the floor, Edge baits him and drops him with a lariat, and we go to break!

Back from commercial, stereo boots and both men are down and out! Action to the floor, Priest chokeslams Edge into the ropes, has him up for the Razor’s Edge... CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE AND WE GO TO BREAK!

Back from commercial, Edge with an avalanche Frankensteiner sending Priest sprawling! Damian hits a Killswitch... NOT ENOUGH! Desperate strikes from the mat, Edge hits the Impaler... SO CLOSE! Reckoning connects, waiting for Edge to get up but the Rated-R Superstar counters with a Side Effect!

Referee Charles Robinson takes a bump to the floor, Priest hits South of Heaven, no cover! Damian goes to the floor and gets a pair of chairs, sliding them inside, one under Edge’s head and the other in hand... EDGE ROLLED AWAY FROM THE CON-CHAIR-TO! Back inside, Edge stomps out the crossbar and puts an arm-trap crossface on with the steel in Damian’s mouth!

Priest clocks him with the steel to block the spear, Robinson crawls inside... EDGE KICKS OUT! FLIP PILEDRIVER! OUT OF THE CORNER...

Edge wins by pinfall with the spear.

Post-match, Edge gets some chairs and sets the Con-Chair-To up but Rhea Ripley appears to low-blow him and block the attack! Balor perched... COUP DE GRACE! BETH PHOENIX GRABS A CHAIR AND SLIDES IN THE RING TO FACE OFF WITH JUDGMENT DAY! Rhea steps to her but Damian and Finn hold her back!

That’s the show, folks.

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