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What happened to Tegan Nox?

WWE NXT’s Twitter

Tegan Nox was one of the many wrestlers released by WWE due to so called “budget cuts” back in November of last year. She would later say she knew it wasn’t about that at all, just that the company was going in a new direction in relation to the women on the roster and she didn’t think she fit the mold anymore.

Perhaps that was the case then, but things have changed in WWE in recent months. Wrestlers who were let go at the same time as her have since returned. Could the same be in the cards for her?

For the moment, the answer is “no” and that’s not because of a lack of interest. She’s been inactive since she left and as she told the Sappenin’ Podcast, that’s because she’s having visa issues:

“I’ve been trying to get my green card for the last eight months. So if I leave then I can’t come back ... It’s just been a boring eight months, living in Orlando.


“I can stay in America, I just can’t leave the States. Because I haven’t got the visa or the green card, I can’t wrestle. So I keep getting messages, ‘Have you retired?’ No I just can’t. Legally. I can’t.”

No wonder she never started working on that list of hers.

Here’s to hoping things change soon and she can get back to the ring, no matter where she ends up landing.

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