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This is a great promo from Sheamus

Sheamus has been running around with Ridge Holland and BUTCH, the Brawling Buddies, or Brutes, or whatever, and it’s been fine. They’ve been a mostly fun group to watch — that BUTCH sure is a character, huh — and Sheamus is always going to deliver good matches.

But this here is much more interesting.

On Friday Night SmackDown this week, Sheamus won a Fatal 5-Way to become number one contender to the Intercontinental championship, a title he’s never won in WWE. He’s long talked about wanting to win it to become a Grand Slam Champion, and now he’s going to get the opportunity against GUNTHER, an absolute killer.

Here’s his first promo since the match became official, and it’s fantastic:

“It’s the one title that I haven’t won, right? That’s what you were gonna say, isn’t it? Because it’s no secret, right? I’ve been shouting it from the rooftops for the last couple of years — in my time here in WWE the one title that has eluded me to this time is the Intercontinental championship. I have done everything to put myself in its path. But every time I was short changed. Every time I was passed by. Until tonight here in Montreal, where I survived and overcame a Fatal 5-Way match to go on to face GUNTHER at Clash at the Castle in Cardiff, Wales, which is a stone’s throw away from the city I grew up in, right? It writes itself, Meg, doesn’t it?

“To take what someone told me before — when something’s meant to happen, it will happen. And now we’re weeks away from that opportunity, that moment becoming a reality. Because, Gunther, I’m promising you now you may think that you hold all the cards, that you being the champion puts you in the pole position, but I’m telling you, fella, at Cardiff, Wales, at Clash at the Castle, I’m going to drag you into the belly of the red dragon and I am going to defeat you for the Intercontinental championship. And not just to become a Grand Slam champion, no fella, you are going to be involved in history, in WWE history, when I become the first ever Ultimate Grand Slam champion.”

That sets up a great story to add to what will undoubtedly be an incredible match. What could be better than two big brawlers getting after each other?

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