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WWE Stock Report: Maximum Male Models are the biggest dorks

Some places do power rankings. Here at Cageside, we do a stock report.

In this weekly series, we identify three Superstars (or groups of Superstars) who are on their way up, and three that are moving in the opposite direction. After a busy week that included Ronda Rousey getting arrested, a cameo from Ezekiel’s dad, and Dolph Ziggler vs. Theory in the Raw main event, a lot of fortunes were changed.

With that in mind, let’s see whose stock increased the most this week:

Stock Up #3: Toxic Attraction

Toxic Attraction replaced Zoey Stark and Nikkita Lyons in the Women’s tag team championship tournament on last night’s (Aug. 19) episode of SmackDown. The main roster debuts for Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne went about well as could be expected, as they picked up a win over Natalya and Sonya Deville. Toxic Attraction actually has a chance to advance to the finals of the tourney, given Aliyah is one of their next opponents.

Stock Up #2: Sheamus

Sheamus needed something to do at Clash at the Castle, and he earned his way there by winning a fatal 5-way match against Ricochet, Happy Corbin, Sami Zayn, and Madcap Moss. These guys had a hell of a match, and the end result is that Sheamus now has an Intercontinental title match against Gunther in Cardiff, Wales.

Stock Up #1: Sami Zayn

Without the Usos in the building, Montreal’s own Sami Zayn was able to finally sit down with the Tribal Chief, and their conversation was the best segment on SmackDown. This isn’t surprising, considering how well Zayn played off fellow Canadian alpha male Brock Lesnar late last year. Zayn ultimately took another bullet for The Bloodline by saving Reigns from one of Drew McIntyre’s Claymores. There’s a story to be told here that really elevates Zayn’s prominence in kayfabe, if WWE creative chooses to pursue it.

Now let’s see whose stock decreased the most this week:

Stock Down #3: The Usos

The so-called greatest tag team in WWE history ambushed Drew McIntyre on Raw but couldn’t get the better of him. Jimmy and Jey then missed SmackDown in Canada, and had some of their spotlight taken away by Sami Zayn.

Stock Down #2: Dana Brooke

The 24/7 championship has gotten no shine under Triple H’s creative direction. Dakota Kai had zero interest in winning Brooke’s title this week (Aug. 15) on Raw and simply beat her in a non-title match just to prove who the better woman is.

Stock Down #1: Maximum Male Models

Prior to this week, Max Dupri’s juice-titillating group has yet to really interact with any other WWE wrestlers inside the ring. That changed on SmackDown when mån.sôör, ma.çé, and the Dupri siblings were interrupted by Hit Row. Hit Row proceeded to humiliate them and quickly boot them out of the ring in order to give us something special in the form of a musical performance. Maxxine Dupri seemed to enjoy what she was seeing from Hit Row in the ring. What a bunch of dorks.

There you have it, Cagesiders. Whose stock do you think changed the most this week?

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