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A very good Twitter exchange between Bayley & Becky Lynch


Becky Lynch returned to playing a babyface at SummerSlam, but unfortunately she was injured in the defeat that completed her character’s villainous arc.

It’s a bad beat that’s got a silver lining though, because Becky garnered respect and sympathy from both fellow face Bianca Belair and the WWE audience for finishing the match with a separated shoulder, finally giving Belair her props, and showing her appreciation to the fans who’ve cheered her even when she was working really hard to get booed.

She also re-earned hero status by having Bianca’s back against the new bad girls on Raw — Bayley, Dakota Kai & IYO SKY. The group didn’t like that, so they jumped Lynch last night (Aug. 1), upping their heel cred while giving Bex an even bigger kayfabe hill to climb during her comeback.

They weren’t done when the cameras stopped rolling, either. Bayley didn’t take kindly to WWE’s appreciation of The Man:

That’s some revisionist history — “pouring her heart out” involved blaming the fans. Which is why Lynch’s short but sweet reply got a pop out of me: