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WWE leaned into reports of Sasha & Naomi’s return

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Ever since Triple H returned and was placed in charge of WWE talent relations and creative, there’s been speculation he and his wife, now-permanent co-CEO Stephanie McMahon, could entice Sasha Banks & Naomi to return to the company.

We’d assumed Banks & Naomi were gone after they walked out of Raw in May, vacating the WWE Women’s championship in the process. WWE suspended them indefinitely, repeatedly told fans the duo had disappointed us, and pulled all of their merchandise from their online store. While Vince McMahon was still running the company’s day-to-day, all reports indicated their releases was being negotiated, and the two women seemed to be preparing for life after WWE.

But yesterday afternoon, we heard they were on their way back. It didn’t happen last night as we were told it might, but that didn’t stop WWE from working the internet into a frenzy about the possibility.

Folks jumped at the fact that both wrestler’s finishing moves (the Bank Statement and the Rearview) were both used in this tweet hyping last night’s show...

And while their merch still isn’t listed, WWE Shop got in on the fun for a time yesterday. The promo code to get a discount on Aug. 1 was “WALKOUT”.

WWE Shop

Is it really happening? Or are there just some people on WWE’s web teams that like messing with us?