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Ronda Rousey arrested on SmackDown!

If you thought Ronda Rousey being suspended by WWE would mean her not appearing on television every week, boy do you have some catching up to do. She paid her fine in person last week before walking out through the backstage area, and then returned this week to hold up the show until Adam Pearce chose to reinstate her.

You won’t be surprised to learn he did, in fact, make her choose violence. She beat up on all the security guards sent to remove her from the ring and that’s what led to Pearce calling in a pair of local police.

You know what came next:

Rousey, despite being willing to raise hell at her place of employment, proved herself to be a law abiding citizen and willingly went along with her arrest. She did so in protest, however, and made sure to leave Pearce with a biting remark.

“Nice haircut!”

You really got him there, Ronda!

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