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Santos Escobar has to leave NXT

The feud that would never end is finally over.

Santos Escobar has to leave NXT forever.

That was the deal going into tonight’s (Aug. 16, 2022) NXT Heatwave special event and Escobar’s Street Fight against Tony D’Angelo. A victory would mean Legado Del Fantasma would finally be free from the D’Angelo Family but defeat, as mentioned previously, would equal his being forced to leave the promotion.

They had a fun match that featured all kinds of interference and big shots from trash can lids and what not. In the end, D’Angelo’s crowbar was just out of his reach while Escobar’s brass knuckles were just out of his. They both made a break for their respective weapons and it was Tony who got home first.

And that was all she wrote.

Does this mean Escobar is really gone and, perhaps, headed for the main roster? Or will it end up being just another stipulation they break?

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