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Who is Dexter Lumis stalking on Raw?

Last week, after an episode of Raw filled with all manner of chaos in the background, Dexter Lumis was spotted being restrained by security at the end of the show.

The former NXT (and Impact) wrestler is one of several reclamation projects we’ve seen in the early days of the Triple H era. His re-debut was certainly inventive, but what’s the psycho killer/romantic caricaturist’s motivation for crashing Raw?

We ask because last night’s episode was more of the same. Lumis made it a little farther in his second Raw appearance on Aug. 15, getting over the barricade during the United States title match between AJ Styles and Bobby Lashley before security stopped him. He made his move while The Miz (who was ringside with Tommaso Ciampa continuing his feud with AJ) was about to get in a few cheap shots on Styles, and those were the two men in last week’s main event when Sexy Dexy appeared.

So is he stalking one or both of them?

Corey Graves ended up being the victim of this attack, but it’s not clear the color commentator was Lumis’ target. There was also this moment during a backstage brawl between Theory & Dolph Ziggler, when a gloved hand poked through the door behind the fray:

WWE’s YouTube

The announcers didn’t mention the weird arm appearance, which probably only fueled the “ZOMG BRAY WYATT” tweets sent after that segment. But the ringside moment later on would seem to confirm Dexter was lurking around all night again. So does that mean he also has an interest in Dolph or Theory? The latter’s involvement will probably inspire those hoping for a main roster reunion of The Way...

Give us your best guesses, and feel free to chime in on how you think WWE is doing with Dexter Lumis’ rollout, in the comments below.

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