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Rhea Ripley won’t stop flexing on Rey Mysterio

With her usual target Dominik Mysterio not on Raw last night (Aug. 16), presumably rehabbing his crushed soul and stepped on neck, Rhea Ripley needed a new target for her brutality.

Luckily for her, Dom’s other daddy volunteered for duty.

Much of this played out on television in Raw’s opening segment, where Ripley taunted Rey, daring him to hit her and setting the legendary luchador up for a chair-assisted Coup de Grace from her Judgement Day teammate Finn Bálor.

It continued in a more subtle way on Raw Talk. Before she scared off poor Sarah Scrieber so Damian Priest could promo about his battle with Edge in Toronto next Monday, The Judgement Day spotted Rhea on some shelf pull-ups...

... and in case you didn’t catch the reference when Priest says, “I’m surprised that didn’t break,” we’ll remind you of this classic SmackDown Six-era blooper featuring Rey Mysterio doing pull-ups on a locker room shelf behind John Cena & Edge...

Not sure which I love more: Rey’s selling or Cena’s “Holy Moly!” But I digress...

Ripley wanted to make sure everyone got Judgement Day’s callback:

Welp, sorry Rey. Rhea’s your Papi now too.

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