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Vince McMahon is the only person on John Cena’s Mount Rushmore of Professional Wrestling

Everyone seems to have different approach to “Mount Rushmore of ______” exercise.

Not much attention is typically paid to the reasons George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln & Teddy Roosevelt were chosen for the National Monument in South Dakota (those four Presidents are said to represent the “birth, growth, development and preservation” of the United States of America). Instead, “Mount Rushmores” tend to be the four people the selector thinks were the best, or their four favorites.

For the most part, however, folks do stick to naming four people for their Mount Rushmore.

Not John Cena. As he told the fans at Comic-Con Wales 2022 on Aug. 6, for his Mount Rushmore:

“I would change the monument. I would make it a one-person statue and the face would be Vince McMahon.”

It’s a pick that can justified, especially if your Mount Rushmore criteria is overall impact on the business. While it’s not quite as dramatic or heroic as the average WWE documentary makes it out to be, McMahon did change wrestling from a regional to a global enterprise while guiding its biggest company through the biggest booms in history — and playing the main heel during one of them.

But come on, John. Give us three more names. It’s how the game works. And it would minimize the number of “Hush money, loyalty & respect” jokes you’re going to get by giving your old boss the rub shortly after he resigned amidst a scandal of his own making.

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