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Ronda Rousey wants WWE to use her ‘fines’ to bring back wrestlers released due to ‘budget cuts’

I’ve long been skeptical of “Ronda Rousey: WWE Superstar”, but she’s convincing me with her work of late — especially since SummerSlam.

She seems comfortable in the role the company’s cast her, someone who’s more concerned with kicking ass than courting cheers from the crowd... which is of course helping her get cheers from the crowd. Ronda also appeared to be much more comfortable on the microphone on SmackDown last Friday (Aug. 12) when she returned from the “suspension” WWE slapped her with after attacking the referee who missed Liv Morgan’s tapout in Nashville last month.

Tempting to attribute that to the Triple H regime loosening restrictions around promos, but we’ll find out more about that as time goes on. For now, dumping a bunch of money in the ring to pay for not only her SummerSlam transgression, but future ones she knows are inevitable as well reminds us the UFC Hall of Famer doesn’t need WWE. She just needs an outlet for her violent tendencies.

Rousey followed that up over the weekend with this Instagram, telling the company to use her money to bring back talent released over the past couple years due to “budget cuts.” It’s not an altruistic move, though. Ronda needs more asses to kick.

A “shoot” comment like this is an easy way to get a reaction, and “oh no she didn’t” moments are becoming a hallmark of this new version of Ronda’s character. It’s not high art, but it works.

And at least she’s not calling pro wrestling “fake fighting” any more.

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