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Rick Boogs needs to become a cucumber spokesperson


Rick Boogs is the gift that keeps on giving. His latest passion involves squeezing fruits and vegetables. Boogs decided to work on grip strength by harnessing his power to crush a cucumber.

Not only did that provide vigorous exercise, but it also supplied valuable hydration during an intense workout as Boogs chowed down. I imagine there is a cucumber council somewhere in the world to promote education and awareness about the benefits of the vegetable. Hiring Boogs as a cucumber spokesperson would be a smart move. He could single-handedly boost cucumber sales. Be honest, don’t you want to try this right now at home?

Boogs isn’t a one trick pony. He also squeezed a watermelon.

I’d like to imagine the reaction upon finding these two clips in a time capsule 1,000 years from now. All history could be wiped out, but Boogs would remain a treasure. Or better yet, what would aliens think if these videos were sent into deep space without any context?

In honor of Boogs, go squeeze a cucumber today.

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