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Theory’s back, and teasing a WrestleMania 39 cash-in

Earlier this week, I wondered why we hadn’t seen Theory on WWE television since SummerSlam. Something I missed — the death of a beloved uncle — turns out to be the most likely explanation, but I still find it somewhat odd the Money in the Bank briefcase holder was barely mentioned on the two episodes of Raw he missed.

Regardless of why WWE decided to not address his absence, Theory’s back. He worked the WrestleMania 39 Launch Party show last night (Aug. 11) in Inglewood, and picked up right where he left off before Brock Lesnar crushed his dream in Nashville on July 30. He interrupted Seth Rollins to talk about his cash-in plans, which now include waiting until April 1-2, 2023.

Then he used some dirty tricks to beat Ricochet. Theory was the only heel to win in the three matches that took place in SoFi Stadium Thursday night (Raquel Rodriquez beat Nikki A.S.H., and Street Profits beat Los Lotharios in the main event).

This was just the same brash, self-obsessed young star he was before his time off...

... just with 100% less Mr. McMahon.

Will A-Town be back on Monday night? Could he show up on SmackDown this week? Does that prospect excite you, fill you with dread, or leave you cold?

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