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Ric Flair criticizes the media for covering his health, capitalizes every word

Fite’s Twitter

Ric Flair’s Last Match took place less than two weeks ago, and the event was a big financial success.

Inside the ring, however, Flair’s tag team match was much closer to a disaster. The 73-year-old Nature Boy admitted on his own podcast that he passed out twice during the match. He was in such rough shape towards the end of the bout that Andrade had a very difficult time giving him brass knuckles, and Flair was declared the winner even though he couldn’t get his shoulders off the mat as the referee counted the final pin fall. Many people who watched the main event came away thinking it was a dangerous cash grab and a sad way for Flair to go out. They were also justifiably concerned about his health throughout the fight.

According to Flair, however, nobody should be focusing on trivial matters like the health issues of a 73-year-old man with a pacemaker in his chest who actually had a chance to die in the ring that night. Here’s what he had to say about it, in his typical all caps fashion on Twitter:

Did Flair almost suffer a health catastrophe in his Last Match? Sure, but what’s important here is that Tony Khan and the folks at WWE allowed that to happen and even supported it.

So if there was any doubt in your mind, at least now you know that Ric Flair’s health is not nearly as important as WWE and AEW coming together for a common cause. Thanks for clearing up that common misconception, Naitch!

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