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Bret Hart is sad that Vince McMahon is gone from WWE

Lots of pro wrestling fans are relieved to see Vince McMahon gone from WWE, for a variety of reasons. Plenty of WWE performers are also rumored to be more optimistic about the future of the company now that Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan, and Triple H are in charge.

Just don’t count Bret Hart among the people reacting favorably to the news.

In an interview with Sportskeeda’s Bill Apter, Hart expressed sadness about McMahon’s departure from WWE:

“I’m like everybody else, I’m mostly just kind of surprised. You know, I don’t think anybody’s ever made as big a footprint as Vince McMahon and, you know I feel kind of sad about it, actually. I know people probably think I would be gloating or happy to see him go through what he’s going, but I don’t. I feel bad that it happened, or whatever has happened. I think his loss or his absence from the business will be sorely missed.”

I was hoping for a follow-up question on Hart’s thoughts about Triple H being named head of WWE creative. Maybe some time down the line the Hitman will give The Game another 4 out of 10 rating in that role. At the very least, I was hoping Bret would react to the situation by stating that Vince screwed Vince.

Given everything we know about Vince McMahon, I’m certainly not sad to see him go. What do you make of Hart’s opinion on the matter, Cagesiders?

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