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Is this the name of Bayley’s new stable?

We’ve been counting down the days until Bayley’s return ever since she tore up her knee last summer. We’ve heard rumors and seen signs the Grand Slam champion has been ready to go for months, and over that time there’s been a lot of speculation about how WWE would bring her back.

The Hugger-turned-Role Model’s actual return at SummerSlam last Saturday (July 30) was more than we hope for though. Not only did she walk right into the Raw Women’s championship program, she brought two fan favorites from NXT — one of whom was released back in April — with her.

So now our fantasy booking can kick into another gear. We’ll have to wait until tonight’s Raw to see what Bayley, Dakota Kai & IYO SKY do next against Bianca Belair and the champ’s new ally, Becky Lynch. And while we do, we can wonder if Bayley revealed her group’s name yesterday on social media...

Or was the noted music buff just tweeting some lyrics from one of the 1980s best jams?

Or maybe she’s just explaining why the trio will be known as CONTROL?

Let us know what you think. Should Bay, IYO & Kota go by the name of one of Ms. Jackson-If-You’re-Nasty’s biggest hits? If not, give us your best suggestion in the comments below.

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