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WWE Raw, results live blog (Aug. 1, 2022): SummerSlam fallout

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Aug. 1, 2022) from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, featuring all the fallout from the SummerSlam pay-per-view (PPV) that went down just this past Saturday night in Nashville, Tennessee.

Advertised for tonight: Nothing official as of this writing but there’s a lot to work through following the events of SummerSlam. Bianca Belair is still Raw women’s champion, Becky Lynch turned babyface, Bayley is back with a group that includes IYO SKY and Dakota Kai, Edge returned to get after The Judgment Day alongside Rey & Dominik Mysterio, The Miz lost to Logan Paul, and a whole lot more!

Updated advertising: Rey & Dominik Mysterio challenge The Usos for the tag team titles, two triple threat matches to find the next challenger to Bobby Lashley’s U.S. title.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog will kick off once the show starts on USA Network. It will be below this line here.


You are coming home, are you still alone, are you not the same as you used to be? As the sun grows high and you serve your time, does each day just feel like another lie? Now you know, is it just for show, just a foolish game that you hide behind? Regardless, I’m here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with Becky Lynch making her entrance, arm in a sling.

She gets on the mic and welcomes us to the big time and says she gives it her all in everything she does. She’s talked about hitting rock bottom and not knowing who she was when she lost the title, but at SummerSlam, she remembered who the hell she is, and it ain’t in the fancy clothes or the constant need for glory or validation, it’s in the persistence.

When she separated her shoulder at SummerSlam, she knew she could either give up or give it everything she has, and she fought through twenty of the most painful moments of her career, and as painful as it was it wasn’t as painful as the realization that she had become so separated from reality.

When the referee counted the three she knew she’d given her best but it wasn’t good enough that night, and she was reminded that she isn’t defined by one match, she defines the match, and so too with titles, and she won’t be defined by any man, she defines The Man.

And so we start a new era and a new comeback story and it starts now, but first she wants to give credit to the woman who pushed her every week for the last year to be the best she could be, Bianca Belair.

Enter Bianca Belair.

She says Becky doesn’t just define the man, she is The Man. They embrace and Lynch tells her to hold the dam and she’ll see her soon.

Belair gets on the mic and says there’s a level of mutual respect between she and Becky now and that means something to her. She’s learned so much, and she knows there’s a target on her back, but she won’t be caught slipping and that’s why she’s still standing as our Raw Women’s Champion.

She’ll be ready for who’s next, whether that’s Bayley or her little friends.

We cut backstage where Bayley and her little friends Dakota Kai and IYO SKY are beating Becky Lynch down! THEY PILLMANIZE HER INJURED ARM! Bianca rushes back to find her and tries to figure out where they went but nobody knows.

Commentary hypes up the rest of the show for us.

We get a pictoral recap of SummerSlam.

A video package covering the history of the United States Championship, narrated by John “Bradshaw” Layfield.

We get a recap of Miz vs. Logan Paul and a promo from Paul from home earlier today about signing his full-length contract and being excited to make his next appearance.

AJ Styles vs. Mustafa Ali vs. the Miz (WWE United States Championship #1 Contender’s Tournament First Round Match)

Miz immediately to the floor, running interference, tripping Ali up, Styles takes the A-Lister out with a dropkick! Mustafa back inside, AJ wants the Styles Clash but Miz pulls him out and smashes him into the announce desk! Ali with a dive, right hands to the A-Lister, back in, waistlock, back roll, Miz passes him into the turnbuckles!

Corner lariat to Styles, boot to Ali, nearfall off a pinning predicament. Whip into the corner, whip reversed, Miz up top, Mustafa cuts him off, Styles ends up suplexing him and the A-Lister gets the basement DDT for two! Chest kicks, AJ catches the finale and hits an enzuigiri!

Mustafa right there, trading chops with the Phenomenal One, into forearms, AJ rocks him with a big palm strike across the face! Whip across, Ali with a dropkick to Miz, sidestep the charge, roundhouse kick to Styles, rolling thunder... COUNTERED WITH THE USHIGOROSHI!

Inverted DDT, Mustafa rolls in and hits a neckbreaker but he can’t get a pin on either guy! Ali up top, 450, nobody home, Styles with the backbreaker and then a Pele kick for Miz! AJ takes Miz to the floor and beats him down, working his injured ribs... ALI OUTTA NOWHERE WITH A TOPE INTO A TORNADO DDT!


AJ Styles wins by pinfall with a Styles Clash on Mustafa Ali.

We get a recap of our opening segment, because Raw is still three hours long. (Three hours long.)

Becky Lynch is shown in pain in the trainers’ room asking for ice.

Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY are interviewed backstage, and they tease further developments later tonight.

The Usos enter and get interviewed. They say SummerSlam was business as usual for the Bloodline, and tonight the Usos are gonna beat the Mysterios (again), because they’re the twos, and the Usos are the ones.

Seth Rollins makes his entrance.

He gets on the mic and welcomes us to Monday Night Rollins.

He talks about beating Matt Riddle up and such and gets interrupted by the Street Profits.

He tells them he doesn’t want to share his spotlight with the biggest losers in WWE and says they suck so much as a tag team that they should probably break up.

Angelo Dawkins gets on the mic and points out that they beat him to win the tag titles once upon a time, and Montez Ford adds that Cody Rhodes beat him with one boobie. Rollins asks if they came out for a fight and says he’d love to stomp both their heads into the stage, but there’s two of them and one of him and that’s not really fair.

They propose a singles match and call a referee down to officiate their rock paper scissors to decide who fights Seth... AND MONTEZ RUSHES THE RING ARM-IN-ARM WITH THE REFEREE, WE ARE OFF!

Montez Ford vs. Seth Rollins

Ford hot out the gates, taking advantage of the surprise, but Rollins cuts him off with a knee in the ropes and suplexes him gut-first into them! Montez barely beats the count, a gutbuster gets two, jockeying for position, Ford with a crossbody for a deep two!

Back and forth, Montez fires up, standing moonsault, running blockbuster, but nothing keeps Seth down! Rollins with an enzuigiri, folding press for two, basement superkick... NOPE! Blackout ducked, rolling elbow connects, Buckle Bomb blocked with elbows, Ford hits the tornado DDT out of the corner... SETH GETS THE FOOT ON THE ROPES!

Catching Montez in the turnbuckles, powerbomb lift... BUCKLE BOMB! Falcon Arrow follows it up... NOT ENOUGH! Seth off the top, frog splash... NOBODY HOME! Ford goes up... BUT THE KNEES ARE UP! Rollins explodes off the ropes...

Seth Rollins wins by pinfall with Blackout.

Post-match, Rollins wants to hit another Blackout but Angelo Dawkins makes the save!

A recap of our main event from Saturday follows.

Alexa Bliss vs. Asuka

Feeling out, Asuka with a forearm, Oklahoma Roll from Bliss sets up a shotgun dropkick and a taunt. Duck a roundhouse, roll her through, Asuka with a shoulder block and a taunt of her own! Drawing her up, whip across, reversed, missile dropkick sidestepped, front kick connects, only two!

STO, double knees but the moonsault comes up empty and Asuka takes her out with a dropkick! Back and forth but Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY hit the ring and referee Rod Zapata’s hand is forced...

The match goes to a no-contest.

Bayley takes Bliss out with a running knee, Kai with the around the corner boot to Asuka, stacking Alexa next to her, SKY up top, Kai passes her a steel chair... BIANCA BELAIR MAKES THE SAVE!

Bianca says she doesn’t care which one of them, she wants a match tonight, and IYO seems to gesture that she wants it, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a recap of what we just saw.

Chad Gable cuts a promo during his entrance about how his brain is so big it’s twice the size of Texas and he’s gonna win the United States Championship and put this country on his back, and he won’t have to cheat to do it.

Chad Gable vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Tommaso Ciampa (WWE United States Championship #1 Contender’s Tournament First Round Match)

Gable going after Ziggler, Ciampa happy to work double-teams with him, Dolph a whirlwind of strikes to get away but Tom slingshots him hard into the post! Chad rolls into a fireman’s carry on Ciampa, double chickenwing spun into a facebuster, surfboard stomp but Ziggler comes in and hits the Fameasser before he can capitalize, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Gable with an ankle lock on Ziggler, hanging onto it, rolling through, Ciampa returns to the ring and grabs an arm-trap crossface on Dolph! Chops to try and dislodge Chad get him some stomps in return, Ziggler rolls through into a pin but Gable kicks out and hangs onto the hold!

Tom with a Fameasser of his own on Chad to break it up and get a two count! In the turnbuckles, jockeying for position, Tom hits the Air Raid Crash... GABLE BREAKS IT UP WITH A HEADBUTT! Ciampa and Chad slugging it out, ripcord elbow from the Sicilian Psychopath, knee blocked, Chaos Theory, Dolph hits the Zig Zag as Gable comes out of the German... SO CLOSE!

Trading pins, Tom with a front kick, underhooks, no deal, Dolph with a superkick! Chad throws him out to steal it, Ziggler pulls him off of the pin! Knee strike from Tom, backslide from Gable, only two! This time the knee hits, underhooks...

Tommaso Ciampa wins by pinfall with Fairy Tale Ending on Chad Gable.

We get a recap of Edge’s fall from the mountain of omnipotence and return at SummerSlam to throw a wrench in Judgment Day’s works, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a still pic recap of SummerSlam.

Edge makes his entrance, once again back to Metalingus.

He gets on the mic and admits that he’s been a bit of an asshole these past few months, but now we all get what we want. He’ll keep it real simple— he created Judgment Day to help underutilized talent reach full potential, pass on some knowledge to Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley.

And he’s gotta be honest, it felt like they were just getting started, but apparently that first taste of power clouded their judgment and they learned everything they could from Edge, but they were damn wrong. Now, to be fair they pulled one over on him with Finn Balor and put him on the shelf for a few months, but at SummerSlam he pulled himself out of the hell they put him in, and now he’ll kill what he created.

He’s going to end Judgment Day.

The Mysterios are interviewed backstage.

Rey says Judgment Day are in their rear view and busy with Edge, and he knows just how savage Edge can be. He can’t thank Edge enough for his help at SummerSlam avenging their pride, but tonight is about one thing— defeating the Usos and becoming the undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get a video package for the tryouts that happened over the weekend.

Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY are interviewed in Gorilla.

Bayley says everybody’s talking about SummerSlam, and more to the point, everybody’s talking about the three of them, and what did you expect? These idiots have been on a downward spiral since she left, and they needed a role model, so she took it on herself and got two of the very best.

They know how to play the game, they know what they want and how to get there, and soon they’ll be in full control.

Bianca Belair vs. IYO SKY

Belair charging in, shoulder thrusts in the corner, front kicks, more shoulders, up and over, dropkick, back body drop to the apron and SKY hangs her over the top rope! Asai Moonsault follows and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Belair with a slam, throwing dropkicks left and right, Glam Slam reversed, victory roll sets Bianca in the ropes for running knees! Forearms, a wild headlock takedown into an arm-trap rear chinlock from SKY! Belair deadlifts her but IYO counters with a Russian legsweep for two!

Bianca hosses her up, fallaway slam, Glam Slam follows, off the ropes, handspring moonsault... NOPE! Forearms, Belair with a slam, perching up top but Bayley and Dakota Kai are at ringside for the distraction! IYO with a Shotei to cut her off, climbing to join her... AVALANCHE FRANKENSTEINER! Cover... NOPE!

Small package for two, Bianca hosses her up into a delayed vertical suplex after! Backbreaker rack, SKY lands on her feet, low bridge puts Belair on the apron! Right hand, fighting on the apron, Bianca going for a German suplex but IYO hangs in there! Diving Franksteiner blocked... BELAIR SWINGS HER HARD INTO THE BARRICADE!

Bianca goes to throw her back in but Bayley and Kai are blcoking the way and here come Asuka and Alexa Bliss to even the odds! The two trios square up and we go to break.

Back from commercial, jockeying for position in the turnbuckles, Belair with a hut release superplex into standing moonsault... ONLY TWO! Leg pick, duck the enzuigiri, waistlock, SKY fighting her, back elbows, victory roll into a double stomp! Corner knees, Bianca catches her and slams her! Handspring moonsault... KNEES ARE UP!

Bayley trips Bianca up, waistlock, big back elbow from IYO, duck a kick, folding press, feet on the ropes but Alexa Bliss knocks her down! Seconds up on the apron, the four women not in the match charge and we get a brawl, with the referee throwing it out...

The match goes to a no-contest.

Road agents and referees swarm to pull them apart!

Miz is backstage giving Tommaso Ciampa a pep talk when an interview rolls up.

The A-Lister says he had Logan Paul beat and the match was stolen from him by AJ Styles blindsiding Ciampa, and says he’s gonna mentor Tom to the United States Championship, and we go to break.

AJ Styles vs. Tommaso Ciampa (WWE United States Championship #1 Contender’s Tournament Finals)

Booker T is on commentary for this one.

Test of strength, Ciampa with a side headlock, Styles breaks free and hits a backbreaker! Tom puts him into the post, vicious knee on the floor, cover for two! Ciampa with knee combos, AJ hits the STO backbreaker into the reverse STO! Duck a lariat, drop down, dropkick right on the button and Tom spirals to the floor!

Styles lines him up and hits the plancha to send us to break!

Back from commercial, Styles Rush, off the ropes with the sliding forearm, corner lariat, fireman’s carry... USHIGOROSHI! Back suplex facebuster, cover... NOPE! Tom back at with kicks, Fameasser... SO CLOSE! Knee pad down, lying in wait, Styles sidesteps, lifting him, Ciampa with kicks to break free!

AJ with a boot, snap suplex into the turnbuckles! Forearm from the apron, he’s got Tom lined up... CIAMPA CUTS HIM OUT OF MIDAIR WITH A KNEE STRIKE BUT CAN’T KEEP HIM DOWN! PROJECT CIAMPA CAN’T DO IT EITHER! Up top, jockeying for position, Air Raid Crash blocked, Styles has him... STYLES CLASH BUT TOM IS TOO CLOSE TO THE ROPES AND MIZ PUTS HIS FOOT UP!

Action to the floor, Ciampa throws him into the post and over the timekeeper’s barricade, referee Rod Zapata counting, Miz holding on to AJ’s foot but he manages to beat the count anyway! Tom meets him with a knee strike, underhooks... FAIRY TALE ENDING! IT’S OVER!

Tommaso Ciampa wins by pinfall with Fairy Tale Ending to become #1 contender to the WWE United States Championship.

Bobby Lashley is interviewed backstage.

He says he’ll defend the title every week on Raw if he has to, because he lives for this. Ciampa earned his shot, he’s tough and hungry and that makes him dangerous, but Lashley will beat anyone, anywhere, any time. Last week he humbled Austin Theory, and he has no problem giving Tom a reality check by putting him in the Hurt Lock.

And so we go to break.

The Mysterios (Dominik & Rey Mysterio) vs. the Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) (c) (WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship)

Jey and Rey to start, fast-pased, Uso throws Mysterio to the floor and he pops right up, solebutt off the apron, low-bridge for Jimmy, tag to Dominik, he takes both Usos out with a diving crossbody and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Jimmy Uso is working Rey over, putting him into the post, eventually he gets free and clear, tag made! Dominik in hot, fighting both Usos off, neckbreakers for both of them, cover... NOPE! Inverted Sling Blade, dropkick sets Jimmy up but he ducks the 619!

Plancha, the Usos catch the younger Mysterio and ram him into the post and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Dominik and Jimmy jockeying for position, Mysterio gets a tornado DDT! Tags made, Rey in hot but Jey is able to cut him off with a superkick on a springboard crossbody! 1D blocked, Mysterio with an enzuigiri, Jimmy in position, tag to Dominik... STEREO 619!

Dom off the top, frog splash... JEY BREAKS IT UP! Rey on the floor, a superkick takes him out, Dominik wipes Jey out with a dive, headed up top, Jimmy cuts him off with an uppercut! Jockeying for position, Jimmy knocked down, Mysterio off the top, nobody home! Dropkick puts Uso into the ropes, Jey with the blind tag...

The Usos win by pinfall with 1D on Dominik Mysterio to retain the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship.

Post-match, Judgment Day run down and attack the Mysterios!

Edge makes the save and clears the ring! Impaler on Finn Balor! But Rhea shoves Dominik into the way of a spear!

Medics check on Dominik.

That’s the show, folks.

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