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Drew McIntyre seems to think Logan Paul will be a heel in WWE

Despite the fact he couldn’t get all of the fans in his hometown to cheer for him WHILE HE WAS HYPING HIS HOMETOWN, WWE seems to be planning on pushing the newly signed Logan Paul as a face.

That’s reportedly because in exchange for hyping his burgeoning sports entertainment career to his 33 million plus subscribers, Paul is insisting he be presented as a good guy.

Never mind that for a variety of reasons, most of the world seems to want to boo the dude. That includes at least one prominent WWE Superstar. And seeing as Drew McIntyre is one of the company’s go-to spokespeople, it seems odd he didn’t get the memo about Jake Paul’s big brother being a babyface.

Here’s what McIntyre told Wrestling Inc’s Nick Hausman, after making it clear that if he gets a shot at Logan, he’s “going to beat him up”:

“He’s such an entertainer, he gets it, he’s genuinely a bad guy. He’s one of the most hated people on planet Earth, I assume that’s just him, if it’s not, kudos to him that’s what sells tickets, people want to see guys like him get beat up.”

Drew’s talking sense here, which is why it seems HIGHLY unlikely fans on the road to and at SummerSlam will cheer him against The Miz... let alone in future matches against almost anyone else on the roster.

Are we about to get swerved? Or witness a crowd reaction car wreck the likes of which we haven’t seen in a while?

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