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It was reportedly business as usual at SmackDown last night despite new Vince allegations

Vince McMahon’s approach to the newest scandal in a career full of them has been to no sell his Board’s investigation into hush money deals he’s allegedly made to cover up sexual misconduct. Even while “stepping back” from his roles as WWE’s CEO & Chairman, it was made clear he would still run creative for Raw and SmackDown. He’s appeared multiple times on those shows, and made a rare public appearance at a UFC event.

Yesterday (July 8), the story grew to include non-consensual acts with a wrestler and another WWE contract employee. Would McMahon still be able to act as if everything was normal?

Unsurprisingly, yes. PWInsider says was on hand Friday at SmackDown in Ft. Worth, “in his regular role directing creative.”

Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer confirmed that, adding:

“Just a note from backstage at SmackDown. Business as usual. Everyone, especially Vince, acting like nothing happened.”

At least he didn’t contumaciously scream any expletives, at least that we’ve heard about yet.

From stories of his involvement in Jimmy Snuka & Nancy Argentino’s tragic relationship to his Federal indictment during the steroid trials, McMahon has evaded consequences from every controversy he’s found himself in over his decades long career atop the pro wrestling business. He seems to think the same thing will happen this time.

Time will tell if he’s right.

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