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Lacey Evans tells the fans to go to hell

It appears that WWE changed their mind about Lacey Evans again!

Lacey returned to WWE in April with a series of vignettes telling her sad life story. Ever since then, it feels like every other week there is a new rumor about WWE changing her alignment between babyface and heel, and changing her brand between Raw and SmackDown.

She recently settled into a babyface role on SmackDown, but that was all blown up tonight when she didn’t get the kind of reception from the live audience that she was expecting:

Lacey grabbed the mic and told the fans to go to hell for treating her like that. She’s an American hero who deserves respect and a standing ovation:

So Lacey Evans is now a heel, at least until next week when they’ll probably move her to Raw and turn her babyface again.

See you then!

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