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Watch Kevin Owens turn a hockey veteran into a little kid at the NHL Draft

Vancouver Canucks’ head coach Bruce Boudreau’s never won hockey’s biggest prize — a Stanley Cup*. But his resume is still pretty dang impressive, including 20 seasons as a pro players and over 1000 games and counting behind the bench in the National Hockey League.

These days, like many prominent sports figures when they’re in between jobs or on their offseason, he’s a talking head on television. Boudreau was offering opinions and analysis during the 2022 NHL Draft today (July 8) in Montreal, nad got a surprise from his favorite wrestler.

How do we know Kevin Owens is his favorite wrestler? It says it right on the chyron (which probably means his co-host Jackie Redmond, who works with KO at WWE, was behind this magical meet and greet)!

Boudreau’s clearly one of us, as he gets an injury update from Owens and touts KO’s mic skills. And the former Anaheim Ducks & Washington Capitals coach would know... his nickname is “Gabby” because of his own way with words.

Other than that, the clip speaks for itself. Just a little ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy rasslin day.

* Sorry Bruce. As a Pens fan who cherishes the Conference Finals win over your Caps in 2009 almost as much as the Cup win that followed it, I am honor bound to point this out.

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