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Allison Danger speaks about her WWE release: ‘I feel like I got brought to Florida and then left to die’

Cathy “Allison Danger” Corino was released by WWE in January 2022, just three months after she uprooted her family to begin her new job as a coach in NXT.

She previously lived in Las Vegas with her husband and their 12 year old child. Her husband’s job transferred him to South Carolina in June 2021. She remained in Vegas with their child until the end of the summer. All of her stuff was packed up in storage and she planned to join him in South Carolina if she wasn’t hired to be a coach in NXT. But she did land her dream job, so she instead moved to Florida with their child.

Three months later, WWE fired her. She found out the bad news while picking up her child on their first day of school. She was told that she did nothing wrong, it was just a matter of restructuring the budget.

Speaking about her circumstances on The Sessions with Renee Paquette, Danger described how it felt to receive that devastating phone call.

“I was numb. And then I cried. And then I was numb. And then I cried.”

Her family was split between two states and she’s trapped in a lease on a new place she just got in Florida after WWE hired her. Her child was just starting school as a teenager in a new place with no friends at all. WWE put her family in a worst-case scenario type of a situation by releasing her right after all of these major life changes occurred. It’s five months later, and everything still sucks:

“I feel like I got brought to Florida and then left to die. Because now my family’s split. We’re struggling through that. I’m still now five months out and nothing to show for it, and I still have no idea what I’m gonna do. This has been a rock bottom year.”

“That’s where the mind fuck comes in, because there hasn’t been phone calls. I feel like everybody landed on their feet but’s to the point where I’m like, is the universe telling me this is it? This is done? I chased the dream. I got it for three months. And I’m financially devastated. I’m emotionally like, what am I doing? And now I’m going, is this it for me? I have no idea what the future holds. If I weren’t a mom, it wouldn’t be so bad. But what happens to me happens to my kid. That’s the part where it just is like a dagger.”

“It sucks. It absolutely sucks. And then to only be [working in NXT] three months, and then to have it all blow up. I have a lot of mom guilt...I feel like I blew my family up and have nothing to show for it. That’s brutal. That is absolutely brutal.”

Danger is hoping to resolve the split family situation by the end of this summer, but it’s been an extremely difficult situation to endure, and it’s directly a result of WWE’s heartless corporate greed that gives no shits about the human cost of releases.

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