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KO, his new shirt, and the reason there’s a panda on said shirt all rule

Kevin Owens hasn’t been on our screens for a couple weeks — probably as a result of something that no good liar Ezekiel did, I’d wager. But he did get a pretty cool hype video during the Money in the Bank stream last Saturday (July 2).

Papa Steen was muy impressed.

And he’s got some new merchandise.

Upon seeing said merch, your first thought is undoubtedly, “Yes, Kevin Owens does in fact rule.” Your second is probably some variation of “What’s with the panda?”

Not that you or I have anything against pandas, of course. Longtime fans know of Kev’s love of animals, including once labeling himself a zoo enthusiast. He had a shirt for that, too.

But it doesn’t exactly fit with where KO’s character is right now on WWE television, does it?

Maybe not, but it doesn’t matter. As Owens explained...

Any other questions?

If only we would have remembered this one, Kev never would had to answer any...

Or that time he and Johnny Gargano dubbed themselves “Panda Express”...

Sorry Kev.

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