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Shotzi explains her decision to leave Twitter

Shotzi’s had quite the week online since wrestling in the show-opening ladder match at Money in the Bank last Saturday (July 2). She reacted to feedback she received on her performance at that WWE show in Vegas, much of which was toxic. Then, she decided to walk away from Twitter altogether.

That didn’t stop criticism, particularly from folks who seemed to believe the trolling and attacks Shotzi was getting were somehow karma for a few jokes she’s made about other wrestlers and matches in the past. It also drew a lot of concern from fans who’ve seen the dark side of social media do real damage to wrestlers and other public figures in the past.

To allay those concerns, Shotzi posted a brief explanation for deleting her Twitter in her Instagram Story:

I appreciate everyone checking in on me but I swear I’m fine. I have been going through the toughest year of my personal life so the it’s deeper than nasty comments, but also twitter has not helped with my already fragile mind state. Just trying to stay motivated and positive. I am focused on my goals and not what’s on the internet.

Shotzi’s been open about the impact her step-father and father’s deaths have had on her recently, and that’s certainly at least some of what she’s referring to when she writes about having a tough personal year.

Whatever her reasons, she’s made a completely valid decision that everyone should respect. If something’s negatively impacting you, you don’t have to keep it in your life — certainly not because some strangers on the internet think you should.

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