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Shotzi has left Twitter

Shotzi’s Instagram

On Saturday (July 2), Shotzi competed in her first ever main roster WWE premium live event. Her performance was one of a few things from Money in the Bank’s women’s ladder match that got flak online — some of it reasonable criticism, some of it the kind of over-the-top, personal, and/or hateful rhetoric there’s way too much of on social media.

Shotzi issued a statement on Twitter yesterday about her performance, and the kind of attacks being sent her way on Twitter. It seemed — to me at least — like a perfectly reasonable call for civility. She didn’t tell anyone they didn’t have a right to critique or even laugh at her work in Vegas over the weekend. She did tell people calling for her job and saying “other terrible things” that they could suck her giant hairy mangoes... a clear-yet-humorous statement in support of herself.

She received support from others in the match, and in the industry. Reaction from fans was more split, with some accusing Shotzi of hypocrisy because she’d poked fun at the ending of Chris Jericho’s Blood & Guts match on AEW Dynamite last year.

Is that why Shotzi decided to delete her Twitter account?


Without an explanation from her (and her still-active Instagram doesn’t contain one), it seems reasonable to assume her Notes message resulted in even more vitriol, leading the 30 year old Superstar to make the sane, healthy decision to walk away from Twitter — at least for a while.

We’ll find out if she ever decides to tell us. In the meantime, here’s hoping Shotzi is living her best, Twitter-free life today.

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