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Rey Mysterio paid tribute to Eddie Guerrero on Raw

Eddie Guerrero was the best, wasn’t he?

He was every reason to be a pro wrestling fan, both an incredibly charismatic performer and unbelievably skilled at the craft. He could make you laugh, and make you cry, could make you cheer, and make you boo, and work a five-star match any day of the week.

His “lie, cheat, steal” character late in his life was one of his most memorable, where he did things like fake chair shots before planting the evidence on his opponents just in time for the referee to turn around and call for a disqualification win in his favor. It made me smile then, and it made me smile just as big during Monday Night Raw this week when his old friend, Rey Mysterio, pulled it out in tribute during a match against The Judgment Day:

If you aren’t entertained by that, I don’t know what to tell you, friend. That’s just good stuff right there.

We all miss you, Eddie.

Viva la raza!

Here are all the videos from Raw this week:

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