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Big E with a big update on his broken neck

Big E is always upbeat, but the news about his fractured C1 vertebrae and C6 vertebra (an injury sustained on the Mar. 11 SmackDown) hasn’t always been.

His last major update didn’t sound great. In early May, E reported his neck wasn’t healing “optimally”, and that he still might need fusion surgery. Since then, we’ve gotten positive signs — he threw his neck brace in the trash on Instagram, and send this very Large Epsilon video in response to some well wishes from super-fan Jessi Davin...

You’re welcome for getting “look what the neck can do” stuck in your head, a song that makes a nice soundtrack for today’s news from E:

Surgery being off the table is excellent news. This does make it seem like a return to the ring is a long way off, if it ever happens. But E feeling good is the most important thing.

We’ll focus on that.

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