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There’s a lot to unpack from Vince, Steph, Trips, Pat & Nick’s trip to UFC 276

After Money in the Bank at MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday night (July 2), a contingent of WWE power players made their way across the Vegas Strip to catch the main event of UFC 276 at T-Mobile Arena.

Five people made the trip: Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon-Levesque, Paul “Triple H” Levesque, Nick Khan, and Pat McAfee. Four of them were shown on the ESPN+ PPV broadcast.

Public relations photo opp? Family night at the fights? What do we make of this? Here’s a by no means comprehensive list of thoughts and questions about this quintet’s little sojourn...

• Vince McMahon continues his strategy of no-selling the WWE Board’s investigation into his conduct (and graver allegations that have resurfaced as a result), and it’s hard to say it’s not working.

The story of his allegedly paying female employees to stay quiet about their affairs hasn’t been pursued by the mainstream media since he voluntarily “stepped back” from his CEO & Chairman roles. He made a point of appearing on three WWE shows since the scandal broke, and has been met by standing ovations and strong television ratings. This feels like the latest signal to the public, investors, business partners, and enemies within his own company that he’s still in charge, and doesn’t plan on going anywhere.

Interim CEO & Chairwoman Stephanie McMahon appearing with her embattled father is new. Does that dispel speculation Vince was behind her short-lived hiatus? Give fuel to the Succession-fueled “Protect me, Pinky” theory that her current role is as a PR shield?

Triple H is back! Doing what we aren’t sure, but it’s good to see him healthy and living life.

• Was Nick Khan not being caught on camera with the Clan McMahon strategic, or a coincidence?

• Most importantly, how cool is it that McAfee grabbed his neck brace and made sure he was selling Bum Ass Corbin’s attack from moments earlier, and their upcoming SummerSlam match? There are probably reasons to side-eye Pat publicly reinforcing his connection to this billionaire clique at this moment in time, but I just can’t get mad at that glorious goofball...

• Pat Mac’s up to something. But is this tweeter on to something?

What did you think when you saw Team Vinnie Mac roll up just in time for future WWE Superstar Israel Adesanya to channel the Undertaker?

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