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Theory is just the worst

Man, Theory sucks, huh?

The great thing about a heel like Theory is you can revel in hating him. He’s so awful in every way you don’t ever have to feel bad about this either. He’s just the dirt worst at everything.

I mean, look at this epic failure of his at SummerSlam last night (Sat., July 30, 2022) at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee:

After weeks of promising he was going to capitalize on Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar beating the trash out of each other in a Last Man Standing match by cashing in his Money in the Bank contract on the extremely vulnerable victor, this dummy jumped the gun! He tried to cash in before the match was even over. What an idiot!

I’m assuming if he cashes in during the match, it would have become a standard triple threat, thus doing away with the Last Man Standing stipulation. This actually helps both Reigns and Lesnar, neither of which have actually won anything at that point. They’re exhausted, sure, and already beat up, absolutely, but waiting until they actually went as far as they could is the best tactical approach here, no?

Naturally, while he was trying to cash in, even though he almost certainly saw Lesnar already approaching him, he ate an F-5 and spent the rest of the evening laid out.

A truly spectacular dumbass.

He’s still got the Money in the Bank contract, too, so it should be interesting to see how he screws it up again next time.

Until then!

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