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WWE fans are drinking the Triple H kool aid after SummerSlam

The first WWE pay-per-view since Vince McMahon resigned (publicly called a retirement) from his position as CEO and Chairman of the Board has come and gone, and the man promoted to head of Creative in the wake of Vince’s departure, Triple H, is being lauded as a hero for delivering the goods.

SummerSlam, which emanated from Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee, absolutely ruled. The show had it all. It opened with a great title match, closed with an even better title match, gave us plenty of surprises, some fun returns, celebrities and commentators working shockingly good matches, better commentary than we’ve been used to, no pacing issues, and a general hope for the future it feels like we haven’t had in far too long.

During and in the aftermath of the event, there have been a lot of tweets like this:

And this:

Plenty of stuff like this:

You get the idea.

As others have pointed out already — go read this Trevor Dame thread of tweets about it — Triple H has been put into the enviable position of being gifted a mansion that just needs cleaned up a bit. He’ll be seen as a savior even if he only makes minor changes that improve the WWE fan’s quality of life, including such simple gestures as allowing commentators to refer to them as, well, “WWE fans.”

We’re seeing this live and in action as we speak.

Dakota Kai and Io Shirai IYO SKY were brought back/up alongside a returning Bayley, had a simple staredown with Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch, who may have turned babyface here, and folks instantly took to Twitter to deify Triple H for it. His work in NXT built up a lot of goodwill with the fan base at large. Combine the two and you get this:

If the likes of Sasha Banks and Naomi are convinced to return to WWE now that Vince is out and Triple H is running the shows, his stature will only grow.

Who knows what the future holds, but it’s all roses and rainbows for Triple H and WWE fans right now.

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