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WWE SummerSlam 2022 results: Pat McAfee makes Corbin Bum Ass again

Pat McAfee didn’t get The White Stripes as entrance music for his second WWE Big 4 PPV PLE match, but he did hire a choir to get into his opponent’s head before their SummerSlam match.

That helped Pat Mac get off to a hot start against Happy Corbin, but both former Indianapolis Colt teammates got in plenty of offense in this one. McAfee struggled a bit with his balance during high spots on a humid Tennessee night, but he did a big senton off the top to set-up the finish.

Referee Charles Robinson took a bump in the ensuing melee, but if fans worried Corbin would use that to his advantage were pleasantly surprised when Pat used the opening to hit a low blow on Bum Ass... paying him back for doing the same to him on the previous night’s SmackDown.

From there, it was a Yoshi Tonic for three, a crotch chop to Corey Graves, and a beer with a fan in the seats.


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