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WWE SummerSlam 2022 results: Rollins stomps Riddle again

Seth Rollins and Riddle’s match was unexpectedly pulled from SummerSlam earlier this week. The explanation given was that Riddle wasn’t medically cleared after suffering a stinger when Rollins stomped him into the steel steps on Raw. We heard that was just a storyline, Seth seemed to break character to comment on the situation, and Triple H responded.

Rumors said Rollins might have a match on the show against a surprise opponent, and word went around this afternoon that Riddle could get a promo in Nashville. That happened, with officials acting as if Bro wasn’t authorized to be in the ring with a microphone.

He called Seth out, and after some more posturing a brawl ensued.

That ended the same way Monday night’s interaction did — with Rollins stomping Riddle.

It seemed like it could a set-up for someone else to appear, but the scene wrapped with Seth being ushered out of ring area while trainers checked on Randy Orton’s little buddy.

Where is this going? Other than a match at Clash at the Castle, that is.

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