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WWE SummerSlam 2022 results: Roman Reigns buries Brock Lesnar

We’ve had all kinds of entrance vehicles in WWE history. At SummerSlam, we got Brock Lesnar on a tractor.

He didn’t just ride his logo-ed farm machinery to the ring, either. He introduced himself while standing on the front loader, then flew off it to hit Roman Reigns with a Thesz Press to start their Last Man Standing match for the Undisputed WWE Universal championship.

That kicked off a hot start for the challenger, but as is the way of these things, each man inflicted more & more punishment on the other in an attempt to keep them down for a ten count so they can win the match. Both bounced their opponent off the steel supports holding up the set. A distraction from Paul Heyman allowed Reigns to put Lesnar through a pair of tables.

A short time later, Brock used pieces of those tables to attack the champ. When that didn’t keep the Tribal Chief down, the tractor came into play. But even getting dumped into the ring from the lift only got a six count.

German Suplexes and F5s couldn’t end it. Each man tried a choke hold, and the Beast’s seemed to leave Reigns unconscious... but Roman somehow used the ropes to pull himself up at nine. So what else could Brock do but use the tractor to lift up the entire ring.

We may have seen a lot of entrance vehicles, but we’d never seen this.

The Usos ran in, and got put down by Lesnar. Heyman again ran interference, begging for his meal ticket’s life — and got sent through the announce table for his trouble. Reigns used that opening to hit a spear, which eventually brought out Mr. Money in the Bank.

It would have made more sense for Theory to wait until the match was over, but luckily for him he got destroyed before he could cash his way into an ongoing Last Man Standing match.

Reigns was the beneficiary of that, too, but nothing he could do to put Brock away. Multiple spears, shots with both belts and the briefcase... nothing kept him off his feet for ten. Finally, the champ teamed up with his cousins to bury the Beast under all the carnage they’d created over the previous half hour. The Head of the Table climbed across the pile, and the referee declared him the winner after a ten count.

The show ended with Lesnar refusing medical attention, and Michael Cole & Corey Graves singing the praises of an epic main event while reminding us Reigns’ next defense is already set for Clash at the Castle.

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