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Linda McMahon dodges questions about Vince’s WWE resignation, hush money scandal

Former Small Business Administration Administrator Linda McMahon Interview

This week Linda McMahon was attending an event of the America First Policy Institute, which she serves as its Chairwoman in her latest job within Donald Trump’s political organization.

A reporter asked McMahon about her husband Vince’s recent resignation from WWE, which came amidst investigations into NDAs & hush money payments he made to women with who he had affairs or allegedly harassed. The line of inquiry was more than fair. In addition to being legally married to Vince, Linda has a long history with WWE. She served as its president or CEO for nearly 30 years, and that role was listed among her credentials for serving as President Trump’s head of the Small Business Administration from 2017 to 2019. She’s also still a shareholder in the company.

Linda’s political skills were on display, however, as she dodged the questions.

“I’m not gonna talk about Vince and WWE. I’m here to talk about AFPI.”

The only comment she offered was about how Vince will spend his time without the jobs he’s done for the last 40+ years.

“Well, you know what? He’ll just be deciding on how he’s gonna spend his free time. I think that’s a good thing.”

A pointed question about the hush money scandal ended the brief interaction:

”No. Come on. I told you I’m here to talk about AFPI.”

That reporter may not be welcome at future America First events. Will the questions keep coming?

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